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Nothing trivial about Saturday’s game

Oct. 31, 2014 7:26 a.m. - Updated: 7:53 a.m.


We are going to share some trivia with you today. Which is different than our usual column, in which we mainly share something trivial. Only one letter different, maybe, but we'll go with that. Read on.

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Friday morning Pac-12 links

Oct. 31, 2014 6 a.m.

The sun rises. The rooster crows. The links publish. But not necessarily in that order.

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Gonzaga Prep GSL 4A champs

Oct. 30, 2014 10:22 p.m. - Updated: 11:15 p.m.

S-R photojournalist Jesse Tinsley covered the Gonzaga Prep vs. Ferris game.  Check out this photo gallery of game photos.


Rogers defeats North Central

Oct. 30, 2014 9:53 p.m. - Updated: 9:56 p.m.

S-R photojournalist Jesse Tinsley covered Rogers' 30-21 win against North Central. Check out this gallery of game photos.


Thursday Night Football and other practice notes

Oct. 30, 2014 9:02 p.m. - Updated: 9:02 p.m.

The Cougars held their weekly underclassmen scrimmage but first had one final practice to prepare for USC.

Our practice report is after the jump.

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Ewu sports chat Oct. 30 (noon)

Oct. 30, 2014 11:58 a.m. - Updated: 4:20 p.m.

Read the transcript of today's chat in the extended portion of this post.

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Sometimes you just have to tip your cap

Oct. 30, 2014 7:50 a.m. - Updated: 8:22 a.m.


I'm not really sure what to write about today. The weather, maybe. We are supposed to have a 60-degree day, which is nice. Or should I do something related to WSU or Eastern? Hey, I know. How about some cross country or tennis? Anything but baseball. Read on.

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It’s deja Vandal all over again

Oct. 30, 2014 6 a.m.

Now where have we heard this before?

After a bye week that gave them extra time to savor their first victory of the 2014 football season, the Idaho Vandals are deep into prep mode for a run at two in a row when they host Arkansas State on Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Kibbie Dome. And the news from coach Paul Petrino this week? That both Matt Linehan and Chad Chalich (pictured above) figure to see action at quarterback.

For more on the Vandals, the click on the link below. 

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Morning links: Halliday perseveres

Oct. 30, 2014 6 a.m.

Connor Halliday has had a great season in some respects, but it's not been the season the Washington State quarterback had hoped for. That's the thrust of today's story, which looks at the record-slaying quarterback's quest for wins.

We'd also be remiss if we didn't pass along a great story by Michael Weinreb that delves into the complex relationship between Halliday and his coach.

Less Halliday but more links, after the jump.

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Preparing for USC’s defense

Oct. 29, 2014 9:24 p.m. - Updated: 9:24 p.m.

Three WSU coaches were asked about USC's defense and all three uttered the word “athletic” shortly thereafter.

The Cougars hope that the work they put in during Wednesday's practice can combat all that athleticism. How did it go? Our practice report is after the jump.

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